Warehousing & Distribution

Prime Shippers International provides fit-for-purpose and client specific warehouse storage solutions by managing and operating customized storage space. Our world-class facilities are operated by trained employees who are enabled by advanced technology systems, and deploy safe and purpose-built materials handling equipment.

Our customizable solutions include managed warehouse solutions, multi-principal warehousing solutions and dedicated single-principal warehouse solutions.

By offering consolidated operations, we allow greater efficiency in warehousing, achieving tangible cost savings for our clients. But if the scale, location or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution, we have the expertise and infrastructure you need.

Our dedicated or shared warehousing services include bonded warehousing, through which we store dutiable goods and manages all the necessary customs regulations on behalf of clients during the period of storage. While in storage, goods may be repacked and consolidated, depending on customer requirements.

Prime Shippers International has the capability to seamlessly integrate logistics services where needed. We offer cross-docking services, receiving consignments in bulk and ensuring the distribution of break-bulk to different destinations, while also combining goods from different destinations into transport vehicles or containers to the same destination. Our cross-docking efficiency increases delivery speed and reduces storage costs and inventory holding.

Our warehousing, storage and handling services also include terminal management, container handling, enterprise web enablement and pallet management.

Through our large national network of warehouse and storage facilities, Prime Shippers International is able to offer its clients storage space located close to their largest customer base – wherever that may be. This translates into reduced costs and enhanced service levels for our clients, as they meet the demands of their customers.

By outsourcing your warehousing and storage needs to Prime Shippers International, you are are able to focus on your core business. Depending on your business’ needs, warehousing and distribution infrastructure can be owned by us, or we can recommend how to optimize or improve existing infrastructure.

We are able to assist our clients to create opportunities for business growth, and to accelerate their forward progress against competitors, while expanding their bottom line through our supply chain cost saving initiatives.

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