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You can assume there is a diminishing return on subsequent comments from the same reader on the same chapter, but this is purely conjecture. According to my source , your book’s activity is only logged for about a week. I will state that he wasn’t 100% on this, so don’t take it as fact.

But in his early years he couldn’t even imagine, what a twist his fate was preparing for him. The boy was born in Daegu, South Korea in late December 1995. Kim Taehyung is a famous Korean singer, whom you may know under the name “V”, too.

What Is Wattpad?

Once you click on that filter the page will refresh and show only books that are available free of charge. The site has over 507,000 books published, but not all of them are free. The goal of the Open Library is to create a page on their site for every book ever published.

It’s great to write your stories on and you need to be very careful about it. I’ve read both the Wattpad version and bought the published version. Even though the inconsistencies annoyed me, the concept itself was sweet and fun and would have gotten 2.5 or maybe 3 stars. The only real problem I had with the story is Harley’s pride.

Authors Share Tips On Writing Historical Fiction Novels That Readers Love

All the platforms we have mentioned are free and you don’t have to pay for reading or writing on them. But keep in mind that copyright is a major issue with these sorts of things so don’t try to use its content anywhere else. We would love to get a few more recommendations for Wattpad’s alternative services. Write to us your queries and recommendations in the comment section below. Tap is a dedicated smartphone app developed by the Wattpad team. It is Editors Choice on Google Play and also has won the award for best of 2017.

  • Another unique feature of the app is the ability to sync your current reading to the Mantano Cloud.
  • We believe this app is not safe for students to use without adult supervision.
  • Now the system will install WordPress automatically.
  • My head shot around to see Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie but no Esme and Carlisle.
  • This quiz has results of books that I have read and personally find amusing.
  • With a community of more than 80 million people who spend over 22 billion minutes a month, Wattpad has more than 100 million downloads on Google’s Play Store with 4.3 ratings out of five.

@Mawg on a laptop Wattpad files are online at or IIRC can be downloaded to a mobile app, getting the files downloaded to PC seems more complex. The interactive format is highly appreciated by the writers and readers which renders greater engagement and interest. Sync with your Wattpad ebook library and read books on your phone, tablet or the web via your PC or laptop. Get ebooks and story updates directly from the author, as well as options and comments about things in the book with other readers Wattpad apk free download. This is a good thing because it can form a complementary community of readers . Something internet users have found as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

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